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Our Easy Credit makes it affordable to get the financing you need for the items you want.

• Quick Approval
• Flexible Payment Options
• 4 Months for Cash
*Special conditions apply

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How long can I pay?

You can pay weekly or monthly, with terms between:
• 4 Months
• 6 Months
• 12 Months

Where can I pay?

3 Branches Nationwide
Pay at any of our three branches nationwide. Visit our store locator for more details.

VIA at any NLCB Lotto Centre
Pay using VIA located at over 1200 NLCB Lotto centres nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Credit is a contractual arrangement between American Stores(Owner) and a Hirer in which the Hirer can buy an item by making an initial down-payment (or not) and thereafter pay monthly installments of rent for a specific number of months. After which legal ownership of the item is transferred to the Hirer on settlement of the account.

It’s Easy. Select your item(s) and apply at any of our 11 American Stores branches nationwide or even online, walk with your required documents (2 forms of ID, recent job letter, pay slip, utility bill) and get approved!

Sure. Along with your 2 forms of ID and utility bill you will need to show proof of income, also we ask for your last 6 months bank statement and receipts.

No. Easy Credit means that you begin using the item right away, and pay for it over time. Layaway means the merchant sets aside the item for you until you have paid for it in full.

You get the possession and usage of the item(s) while still paying for it. Easy Credit Financing, once properly managed allows you yo maintain an acceptable lifestyle.

You can pay online or at any of our 10 branches of American Stores nationwide or any of the 1200 VIA locations nationwide.

It depends on the time the account was taken. However, we do ask your ID and the most recent pay slip to expedite the process.

What are the requirements?

Our Easy Credit requires the basic documents anyone would ever need for any financial transaction. It’s never been this easy.

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